Double Room

In the Double room you’ll sleep in one large double bed.

Welcome to Dim Dim Hotel, Erbil


Of course there are many elements that make a hotel a good hotel. The size of the room, the guests and the articles and reputation to name a few. A clean, hygienic room is however a prerequisite and can make the reputation of a hotel and break. Guests want to be does not confronted with memories of the previous room and users expect a fresh,

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Erbil International Airport is 9 km and approximately 10 minutes by car from Dim Dim Hotel Erbil..

Dim Dim Hotel Rooms

Single Basic rooms

Our Basic Single rooms are small but reasonably priced rooms with a comfortable bed, private sink, bathrobe and hairdryer. Each room has a flat screen TV and Wireless Internet..

The Oldest City in the world that people still live in

Erbil is the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq. With the population of approximately 1.3 million in 2009, it is the fourth largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, Basra and Mosul..

Double Room

Large stylish rooms equipped with every bit of modern comforts and own balcony. Perfect for those that like to enjoy some fresh air after an exhausting day. An absolute must!

Travel Tourism

Shanidar Park

The most popular urban destination for Erbil’s park-lovers, Shanidar Park is unlikely to offer any respite from the bustle of the city center but provides a great opportunity for a spot of people-watching.
2.8 K/m 10 minutes by car from Dim Dim Hotel


Shar Garden Square

Shar Garden Square is a recently constructed esplanade just below the citadel complete with fountains, brick arcades and a clock tower modeled on London’s Big Ben. A favorite haunt of Erbilites with its narguille cafes and tea shops,


Minare Park and the Muzzafariya Minaret

Without a doubt the most architectural of Erbil’s green spaces, Minare Park, close to the city center,offers up an eclectic fare of circular terraces, Etruscan columns and cascading fountains.Lit up like an urban wonderland on summer evenings, the park is a popular destination for the city’s youth and young families taking in the cool evening air.

  • Dear Guests of Dim Dim hotel welcomes

    The new management of Dim Dim hotel welcomes you. More than twenry years of experience in managing hotels and restaurants will be at your service. Dim Dim hotel lies in the centre of Erbil/Kurdistan Region, on the 30 m Road. The hotel has 3 stars which contains different cosy and comfortable rooms for different preferences. It also has massaging rooms and special halls for conferences and net cafés. .

  • Gali Ali Bag

    Hailed as the highest waterfall in the Middle East, Gali Ali Bag, a dusty but beautiful three-hour drive from Erbil, is a mountain resort located on the intersection of two mountain ranges – the Korek chain in the north and the Bradost chain in the west – and two rivers, the Rawandoz Sidakan and the Khalifan.

  • Shaqlava Resort

    Is a small resort town in the mountains about an hour North East of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan. a town of approximately 25,000 people, lies 51 km to the northeast of Erbil, at the bottom of Safeen Mountain. Shaqlawa is situated between Safeen Mountain and Sork Mountain, and sits 966 m above sea level. The town is inhabited mostly by Kurds, and Assyrian, Due to its cool weather during summer, Shaqlawa is visited annually by thousands of tourists from other parts of Iraq. To get there, you take the Salaheddine road, which goes through the rich suburbs of Erbil.

  • "Visit Erbil is your official Erbil city guide. Visit Erbil’s world class attractions, shops and restaurants and enjoy exciting special events, theatre, concerts, art exhibitions and more. Discover the very best of Erbil, Kurdistan. - See more at:!."

  • "Recently Erbil has been officially chosen to be the capital of tourism in the Middle East for 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism. - See more at. -

  • quotRecently Erbil has been officially chosen to be the capital of tourism in the Middle East for 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism. - See more at: -